User Adoption

User adoption and engagement with your intranet is the top-ranking indicator of success.

 There is nothing more disappointing than spending valuable time and money on an intranet project to receive no uptake. That’s why we offer support in adoption to help towards engaging staff and demonstrating the improvements of the intranet through to the business. Our team of experts will work with you to identify how to produce an adoption strategy, which you will then be able to implement.  Our Customer Success Managers will also guide you through launch planning, recruitment, communications and of course training and documentation.

Here are some activities involved in an adoption strategy that we will work with you to implement:


By appointing an intranet champion of each area of the intranet, someone who takes responsibility for the quality of the content in that area, this will ensure that it is complete and generally promotes its use.



SharePoint is a very powerful tool; however, it can take some getting used to, particularly for content authors. Setting up a support hotline is vital during the initial content load period, so they can ring someone for immediate help.



Having a full set of documentation including a detailed user guide is important for reference. This can be supplemented with a range of simple one-page, task based “Quick starts” and “How to” guides that can be less intimidating at first.



Competitions can help create interest in a new intranet ahead of launch e.g. “Name the new intranet”.


During the initial launch create a fun and interesting tone of voice, steering away from a corporate one, as this will encourage employees to regularly return to the intranet, rather than viewing it simply as a work resource, where they go when they need something.


During the planning and development phases, employee feedback and suggestions should always be sought and acted on. Post-launch, surveys can also help seek constructive feedback and new ideas.

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