Process and Delivery

At ClerksWell, we know that a well-defined and tested approach to managing projects leads to success.

We typically use a ‘semi-Agile’ approach to successfully deliver all of our client’s requirements whilst always ensuring a high level of quality throughout. Depending on the nature of the project we may also favour an Agile methodology.

Our Delivery Process

Our delivery process is built around four phases – Discovery, Create, Build and UAT and Go Live. This approach allows us to deliver websites that not only work well with the required content and features but also look fantastic and are easy to use. 


Discovery focuses on gathering insight and knowledge. By establishing a clear picture of the business and user needs we ensure user-centricity and measurables KPI’s are established from the offset. In this phase, we aim to be as collaborative as possible and encourage involvement from our clients.


During the discovery phase, we host a series of Kick-Off Meetings these help us to understand your business as well as the team involved in the project.

We hold one or two half-day group workshops as well as a short series of one-to-one interviews to not only help us map out user journeys based on personas but also clarify business goals, content strategy and feature listing.

After the workshops and one-to-one interviews, we share our findings in a report and present the most significant insights, opportunities, risks, and limitations.

We complete the discovery phase with internal and external user-based testing. Using a design prototype, we give test participants tasks and ask questions throughout the test. We then collect feedback which informs if and how the deliverables from the delivery phase need further work.


The goal of this phase is a clear definition of the digital product we will create, identifying the risks to address, suggested timescales and an expectation of the business and user value to be created.



With a clear strategy in place, we work closely with our client to visualise possible solutions, create and test prototypes and start creating content.

We start by producing a prototype, wireframe work or proof of concept. This looks and behaves like the end product; it can be clicked commented on changed and amended before the actual site is built.

Based on all the requirements gathered up to this point, we will create a design that matches your brand, desired messaging, and goals. The visual design will include a range of templates that will help us understand any gaps in the content created for the different sections of the website. Once the designs are finalised the content will be created in parallel to the build.



The build phase includes infrastructure and hosting platform setup as well as all development and QA testing activities and training. Throughout the build phase, the Project Manager and Technical Lead ensure that all requirements are met and that these reflect the timescales and budget outlined in the project plan. During this phase we like to work closely with our clients, keeping them up to date with the latest developments. We hold show and tells sessions to allow our client to see the progress and ask questions as well as holding daily stand-ups with the full project team to quickly identify and mitigate any risk or potential blockers.



This phase covers all client testing and go-live activities, most specifically User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and content migration/creation. Once the agreed requirements have been met this phase allows the client to raise any change requests once they have thoroughly examined the new solution.

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I think together we have achieved a site that to those in the know is impressively sophisticated, and to those less confident online is easy to navigate and very intuitive. And they’ve broken some digital norms whilst they’re at it and created what I believe will become new benchmarks
Gavin Sheppard
Marketing Director, Smart Energy GB