Something wrong under the hood?

Ever get the feeling your CMS is haunted? Things just aren’t running as smoothly as they could or inexplicable breakages and blackouts keep happening. If this sounds familiar it may be time to get the exorcists in.

Our experienced and certified developers and business analysts will use their knowledge and best practice tools to find the source of the issues. We can also set up automated tests which act as early warning systems on issues before they become business problems.

We have set up optimisation plans for a number of clients including Christie’s Education and Great Western Railways. Here are some of the issues we solve:

General health improvements for your site

  • Errors in the logs
  • Recommend and carry out updates
  • Licensing advice and negotiating
  • Integration planning
  • External integration
  • Hosting specification


  • URL structure clean up
  • Correct and standardise markup (HTML5 and semantics)
  • Content duplication – URL scheme.
  • AA to AAA site accessibility
  • Document outline hierarchy
  • Reducing code complexity
  • Design refresh
  • Multi-channel device compatibility and testing
  • Custom error pages


  • Site speed
  • Load testing
  • Image optimisation
  • Caching improvements
  • Mobile journey improvements
  • Site rending and cross-browser testing


  • User permissions
  • Penetration testing
  • Hack prevention
  • Sitemap cleanliness
  • Customer login security
  • Sitecore validation errors
  • IIS configuration