Sitecore Analytics

The vast majority of our clients use google analytics to gain insights into their sites’ performance. Sitecore can integrate with Google Analytics and offer additional analytics tools and give you a single view of your customer.

While common analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, cannot be over stated in the value it brings to clients, Sitecore provides answers to some key questions not readily accessed in Google Analytics, namely that qualitative insight you need into your visitors’ behaviour. Let’s look at some of the great features in Sitecore.

  • Path analyser

This lets you have a visual picture of the health of your site so you can see the customer journeys which are most frequent and offer you the most value. You can also see points of frustration for visitors where they have suddenly left or not completed key goals- this will enable you to keep customer engagement high as you can tweak and optimise the customer journey based on quick snaps shots using this feature.

  • Value per visit

While your website might attract hordes of visitors what is the point if you’re not getting any business value from these visits. Value per visit is a really key metric for understanding whether or not your visitors’ goal are aligning with your businesses goals. This is a really key guide to the health of your website. Value per visit can be increased through small optimisations to the website and this metric will tell you if these optimisations are working.

  • Persona reporting

Persona creation is a key step in defining a website’s user experience during the Define stage of a website design and build project. However, there is often a gap between the imagined persona and the personas of visitors to a website, with Sitecore’s persona reporting the gap closes. You can continue to see how each persona interacts with the website, which persona bring the most value and which personas might be struggling on the website.

  • A/B and multivariant testing

To know where you’re going you must first know where you’ve been. Sitecore’s A/B and multivariant testing really makes your content work hard! Any new piece of content is linked to a goal and tested against either, the old content or another piece of content which you think may perform better. A/B and multivariate testing:

  • Puts an end to endless discussion about what content is better- let your visitors decide
  • Let’s you continually optimise your website and increase conversion
  • Increases automation saving marketers’ time by quick test set up and automatically picking the winner
  • Granular engagements on the site

We have created bespoke reports for our clients which zoom in to small but very valuable actions taken on the site. While you can easily see how long a visitor (s) spend on the page you can’t easily see what they do on the page- with Sitecore you can and this can be an important added dimension to your insight and reporting.