Our consultancy services

We provide a range of consultancy services from health checks, migrations and upgrades to training, customer engagement, SEO and security

Sitecore heatlh check

Is your website ready for growth? Is something not connecting or working the way you thought it would? We may just be able to help!

A number of clients have come to us to us for the following reasons:

  • Things keep going wrong without explanation
  • Upgrades are not fixing issues
  • Thinking about using more of the Sitecore product eg-the XDB/DMS but not sure where to start
  • Making plans to grow or extend to other markets and wanted to make sure they were in the best possible position to do so
  • Want to integrate Sitecore into new or old back end systems but need a plan of action

Sound familiar? We have been able to help Great Western Railways, Formica and Christie’s Education to name a few through undertaking heath checks of their Sitecore estate.  This is a service provided by many a Sitecore Gold Partner. Unlike others we do not use automated tools we use real people who bring their expertise and experience to a full and thorough review or your website, getting deep under the hood and giving you a full report of:

  • The current infrastructure
  • Traffic light of issues
  • Guidance on what issues to tackle first and how
  • Follow on consultation to work with your internal teams or agency to get you on the right track

Combined with our knowledge of the Sitecore product road map we are able to give you guidance on how best to achieve your objectives and better still peace of mind that everything is, or soon will be, working as it should.


Security consultancy

Is your website tough enough?

We work with our clients to increase security on their website. Out technical consultants will examine your infrastructure and report their findings. We will bring your website back into best practice and harden any vulnerability.

  • Increase login security by limiting to SSL requests only
  • Improving the folder structure
  • Disable WebDAV
  • Limit access
  • Limit user permissions
  • Run Sitemap and broken link clean up
  • Hack prevention testing and optimising
  • IIS configuration
  • Encryption on rest and transit data
  • Plan for restoring backups
  • Testing recovery plan
  • Third party penetration testing
  • Plan for acquiring new or temporary equipment

To find out more about this service please get in touch with us.


Content and SEO support

We will help you find and craft you brand’s voice with SEO-focused website copyrighting which will support your overall digital marketing strategy and really engage your visitors.

Copy and SEO for a new website:

Our copywriters and consultants work collaboratively with you and our consultants to understand your business, its offering and the areas you want to compete in. in these early sessions we begin to create a style guide which will help have a consistent tone of voice, style and messaging across the whole website.

The copywriters work alongside the design and development team from the very beginning of a project. We know what Google likes and how to get your website noticed and technical and copywriting consultants work together to make sure this is achieved.

SEO and copy optimisation of an existing website:

We can help you optimise your content and clout in small bite sized ways:

  • Creating email newsletters
  • Blog content
  • Feature and press releases
  • SEO reports
  • Content audits
  • PPC Adwords campaigns


Front end development

Our front-end teams are inventive and award-winning. We weave our magic with HTML, CSS, jQuery into beautiful responsive websites.

All of our creations are future proofed and tested against multiple browsers and mobile devices. We build in automated testing into our front-end build too, this makes us write better code and catch any snags that might arise long before they create any issues.

We have a mobile first approach to design and build and this includes front-end. If you have a project which requires some front-end magic get in touch.

Integration experts

To get that single view of your customer it is more than likely you will require some integration at some point. Even our clients who are gradually bringing all their legacy systems on to the Sitecore platform often require some integration.

Our integration work includes:

  • Multiple CRMs
  • Commerce integration
  • Print integration
  • Mobile App integration
  • Integration into other Content Management Systems
  • SharePoint integration

We’ve even build APIs from scratch to allow for CMS integration with legacy systems. If you have a requirement for integration we are the agency for you- please get in touch.


We love Sitecore and Umbraco but the training they provide can often be a bit too vanilla for our client’s needs. When you need to get to grips with a new website you need training which is tailored to your site, your experience, and the tasks you will be doing on the site.

At ClerksWell we offer a variety of training styles to match your needs. From one-to-one sessions, quick task based refreshers or old school classroom based sessions. We keep the lessons jargon free and documented user guides take you through the management of your site in an easy to follow step-by-step way.

Customer engagement consultancy

Customer engagement is about delivering a great experience to your customer, this extends to customer service too. Let’s look at and engagement strategy for a new customer and existing customer.

The new customer:

64% of customers expect a personalised experience and rely on digital to have real time dialogue with your customers

The existing customer:

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% Vs 5-50% for a new customer. Loyal customers are worth up to 10 times more than their first purchase.

Only 7% of people think that their experience with a brand exceeds expectation. This indicate two things, people’s expectations are very high and secondly that there is huge opportunity for those who really want to deliver exceptional experiences which get new customers and retain and reward loyal ones.