Most businesses fear the process of migrating to a new platform, not only does it take time, but it can be very risky and costly.  During the migration process, it is vital that there is as little negative impact on search engines and users as possible. Planning is therefore crucial to a successful migration. ClerksWell works with you to understand your business requirements and which platform you are using, to deliver a successful migration without disruption to your business or users.

Web Migration

We are experienced in both Umbraco and Sitecore migrations, helping you to migrate content from your old site to the new one with no content freeze period.

​Our migration approach:

  • Our consultants undertake a thorough assessment of your web store and technology platform to determine what is required and the best approach for migration.
  • We then provide an estimate and place project contingency.
  • We produce a plan that ensures the estimate can be delivered to in terms of time, resource, and budget.
  • Our experts migrate your content to your new site, ensuring none of your search rankings are affected. Along the way we provide detail on effort being spent weekly as well as a migration map so our clients can easily see where content used to be and where it has moved to.


​We can help you migrate to SharePoint quickly and without any fuss.  If a migration tool is required for a SharePoint project, we have experience with both Metalogix and ShareGate. We also have extensive experience in managing data migration, especially in the case of SharePoint to SharePoint migration with flagship projects such as the BBC Gateway Intranet. 

If you are thinking of making the move from Classic SharePoint to Modern, book a free one-hour consultation with our team to talk about the way forward and the Microsoft roadmap.

 Intranets/document migration

Content migration may not be the most exciting part of any intranet project, but it is essential. ClerksWell will help you tackle the content migration making it stress-free. Our approach splits migration into three main streams:

  • Investigation: This includes content inventory, content analysis and content mapping. This would be a fixed cost ‘mini-project’ to prepare a guideline document and a detailed and costed plan for the actual migration.
  • Preparation for migration: These are the planning the phases, communications to users, installing tools, application migration and running test migrations.
  • Migration: For each migration phase, a launch plan is recommended. This involves communication to all users, full back-up of all environments affected, the actual migration, post-migration reports, spot checks and the opportunity for content owners to review and sign off their areas.

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The ClerksWell team are true subject matter experts, who clearly plan and set expectations. ClerksWell were also upfront and honest with us, candidly informing us when something would not work or could not be completed in the tight timeframe we had set. Moreover, ClerksWell were always proactive, solving issues before they became problems and making suggestions that would ease implementation / future changes.