Certified Umbraco partner

ClerksWell’s service offering also includes Umbraco, the friendly Open Source .NET CMS, which comes packed with a number of enterprise level features without the price tag – in fact it has no price tag at all. Open Source means that there are no licencing fees so your web platform comes for free!

Umbraco has a clean and intuitive interface which means it is extremely easy and simple to manage and to create new content for your website. It comes packed with cool features. The core system is powerful enough to run complex Fortune 500 applications or corporate intranet systems and friendly enough to manage campaign microsites and brochure websites. The platform is also perfectly complimented by loads of awesome plugin modules, providing a flexible solution for any organisation.

Being open source does not mean however that it’s not supported. In fact the opposite is true, and there is a huge and active community of devoted developers worldwide, who are overseen by Umbraco’s creator Niels Hartvig and his team. This ensures that the product is constantly being developed from a central location.

Get in contact with us if you would like to know how we can help your organisation take advantage of such features as:

  • A simple and easy editing interface
  • Microsoft Word integration
  • Rollback version control
  • Permission based access levels
  • Content scheduling
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Media libraries
  • Full design, CSS, markup control
  • Performance boosts
  • .NET Controls integration
  • Enterprise search