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Are you concerned about sensitive customer information contained in your Sitecore solution? Talk to our experts about how best to use the Sitecore security model that enables you to grant or deny access to almost every aspect of your website.


Sitecore uses the .NET security engine, which offers several advantages:

  • A variety of plug-and-play features provided directly by Microsoft.

  • An abstraction from the real data source.

  • The option to replace or extend the default configuration with custom providers.

  • The performance speed of a pure ASP.NET solution.

  • The possibility of keeping the accounts in identifiable storage areas by using several providers simultaneously.

At Clerkswell, all our website design begins with security. We follow best practice to deliver safe and intuitive Sitecore websites to our clients and their customers.

If you’re having issues with your Sitecore security or your site performance, talk to us about a Sitecore health check.


If you are serious about your brand, your company and your website, then you need to ensure you are following Umbraco security best practices.

Umbraco is built on Microsoft .Net technology which means it naturally inherits a range of .Net security features not present in PHP-based CMS systems.  Your website is considerably more secure and less prone to attack if it uses Umbraco instead of WordPress or Drupal.  Not only does this protect your brand and network but it also means less support cost running security updates and fixes.

When there's a new update, framework  or design patterns released, keeping up to date with good practices is a common challenge for in-house Umbraco developers. At ClerksWell, we test and review code internally and externally (via 3rd party audits) and conduct internal security training to ensure we are always up to date.

Talk to us about moving to Umbraco or rest easy with our security audit.

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