Following a public tender process earlier this year, The Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) has chosen ClerksWell to deliver a major new solution to promote knowledge-sharing and railway safety across the world.

SPARK is a free, interactive web tool for the rail industry, which aims to reduce duplication of research efforts and encourage collaboration.

The principal driver behind SPARK is to improve the rail industry’s access to relevant information and people. By understanding who is doing what where, organisations can reduce duplication, reduce costs and speed up innovation. More than just a vehicle for research activities, SPARK provides access to the combined wisdom of rail organisations from across the globe.

SPARK will function as a pre-eminent global resource for the rail industry. The new solution will deliver improved search and findability and ensure that best practice is shared and widely disseminated and that relevant experts can be brought together to collaborate and learn from each other without organisational or geographic barriers.

The new project will migrate SPARK to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 from its original platform on SharePoint 2010. The new SPARK is expected to be available later this year.