Introducing... Sitecore's Print Experience Manager (PXM)

Bringing print into the digital age.

Many of our clients use print to engage their customers, however print experiences have been lagging behind digital ones for some time now. People expect the most up to date information as a minimum and personalised experiences which speak to an individual’s interests and location are becoming more common. Print can be a rather cumbersome way to engage people. Sitecore’s Print Experience Manager (PXM) recognises that print is important to businesses and customers alike. With the PXM businesses get all the sophistication of the Sitecore Experience Platform in their printed material. The PXM’s designers work with Adobe InDesign, Adobe InCopy and Adobe Creative Suite to quickly apply product information and imagery to your print marketing and publish immediately. A business’ print marketing can now show recommendations based on:


  • The customer’s purchasing history.
  • Region specific information such as events and local store information.
  • Any other criteria which will increase the relevance of your print piece to any customer or potential customer, such as campaigns they have responded to or the marketing automation plan they are enrolled on.

Please fill in the form if you have any questions about Sitecore’s PXM. For more information on Sitecore Experience Marketing see here.