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Principality Building Society are the UK's 6th largest building society based in Cardiff, Wales. By working closely with ClerksWell their old intranet was overhauled, from cluttered and socially inaccessible to a vibrant digital workplace. 

The Challenge 

Principality’s old intranet was built over 14 years ago. It was run without developer support on unsupported IT infrastructure.

“It provided a poor user experience. It stored lots of information that had no owners or that was outdated. It was not enabling connections among staff and it was not an effective way to communicate across the organisation,” says Emma Price, Senior Manager for Internal Communications.  

Principality were looking for an intranet that would increase employee engagement and allow them to deliver content easily throughout the organisation. The intranet requirements were carefully designed through a channel review. The new intranet needed to be the go-to place for all essential information and news, becoming the communications hub of the business. More than a broadcast channel, it would be social, facilitating conversations and the co-creation of content. The capabilities of the intranet and contributions from staff would signal Principality’s move into the digital era, and express the refreshed brand, aligning the internal experience with the external presentation of the business

The Solution 

“We had the ambition to make the new intranet simple and straightforward. But also to bring in what was missing from the old channel.”  


With 14 years of legacy content on the old site, Price’s team engaged the relevant business owners to understand what was current and needed to be migrated along with consultation from EasyShare.

“Our priority was seamless access to internal systems, forms, manuals, and documents.”  


Price wanted all the news stories that people might remember and need to be migrated, and so over 100 articles from 2016 were published within the news section of the new intranet.  


Easy access to reference material and systems was another priority: “This meant the intranet could not be based on the old navigation. We designed a site architecture that was fit for the future and followed industry best practice.” This included creating new content to meet people’s needs, and ensuring content owners knew exactly where to publish material. This would allow Principality to measure their employees content journeys, new articles being published on the intranet and to see the level of engagement following from their new content delivery strategy.  

The Outcome

On the launch day in November 2016, three articles were posted on Cwtch, highlighting key features and benefits of the new platform and encouraging feedback and suggestions. Posters were displayed and a ‘Getting Started’ guide was handed out. On launch day, the Cwtch intranet received 935 unique visitors, and 919 colleagues signed up to Yammer – “that was over 90% of our workforce!”. As the new intranet was a change for the organization this level of employee engagement on the launch day was a huge success and Principality were able to measure the level of engagement.  

Not only has Cwtch brought a new level of connectedness, engagement and sense of belonging inside Principality, it has quickly become a trusted hub of information. The powerful search engine (based on SharePoint search) has made it quicker and easier for colleagues to find the information that they need to do their jobs. It has helped to improve the service that employees are able to deliver to customers. 

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