ClerksWell worked with Civica to design and build a website for The Pension Protection Fund’s members. The Pension Protection Fund was established to pay compensation to members of eligible defined benefit pension schemes, when there is a qualifying insolvency event in relation to the employer and where there are insufficient assets in the pension scheme to cover Pension Protection Fund levels of compensation.

The Challenge

Civica are one of the largest technology partners in the UK. They specialise in local government and key social services. Supporting over 6000 schools and libraries, serving 400 public and private sector providers in the regulated service sector.

As part of their service offering, Civica provide the Universal Pensions Management (UPM) system, a fully integrated Pensions solution with multi-media electronic document management (EDM), payroll, contact management and secure web access.

Civica’s online technology capabilities allow UPM clients’ members access to their pensions online and carry out common activities such as changing personal details and checking or querying their pension.  Civica provided the online efficiencies through digital access to the back office processes and partnered with Clerkswell to provide a simple, intuitive with an engaging look and feel web design.


  • Requirements analysis

  • Creative Design

  • UX

  • Wireframe prototyping

  • Development

  • Training

  • Technical consultancy

  • Content entry support

The Solution

ClerksWell’s experience with membership websites, our Sitecore knowledge and history of successful web projects for other Civica customers meant we were the obvious choice for the project. Workshops were held with key stakeholders to gather requirements and define the design of the website. By working collaboratively with multiple stakeholders ClerksWell provided a solution which exceeded the expectations of all of them.

ClerksWell designed and built a Sitecore website which kept in line with Civica’s UPM user interface so members would be able to manage their own pension details.

Members can now access the information they need immediately without having to call or write to their pension providers.

The Outcome

The outcome of ClerksWell’s work is that the Pension Protection Funds’ administration is now streamlined, saving costs by offering a self-service resource. Clients are less reliant on customer service phone lines and no longer need to post documentation to individual members.

Members are supported every step of their journey. They are shown information which is tailored to them only so they are not bombarded with a lot of extraneous options or details.

Key tasks and news are displayed on the homepage and refreshed regularly to keep members informed of the latest developments which may affect them.

Pension Protection Fund

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