We’ve been working with Office 365 and SharePoint since the beginning, so we have a few options that might help you to develop your suite into a functional and effective digital workspace that streamlines processes and encourages collaboration.

Bespoke Digital Workplace Builds

This was our original offering in 2007 and it’s still a strong offering today. With bespoke builds, we tailor the Office 365 applications to your needs. Our talented business analysts will access the processes and systems within your organisation and understand how we could use the technology to make these operations more effective.  

Whether this means setting up site collection templates on SharePoint or implementing Teams into each department, or using flow to automate manual tasks, our business analysts will come to the right solution for your organisation.


Our developers will then make this solution a reality by building the digital workplace that works for your business. Incorporating the relevant apps, they will build an engaging and functional online portal to allow your employees to work at their best.

Our consultants assist with launch planning, training and content migration to ensure the smoothest implementation possible.

Over the years, we’ve developed over 100 bespoke digital workspaces. And as Office 365 continues to add more and more apps, Office 365 experts who truly understand the real-world applications of this technology are more essential than ever. Want to speak to an Office 365 consultant? We'd love to hear from you.


Our intranet-in-a-box solution

Having spent 5 years building bespoke intranets for our clients, by 2012 we launched our intranet product – EasyShare.

We realised that many of our clients had the same requirements for their bespoke intranet builds and so we created an easy to-launch-intranet solution which incorporated the most common requirements from our clients. Personalised branding, global navigation and company news were just a handful of items we brought to the product.

This product enabled organisations to build their ideal digital workplace at a significantly reduced cost and timescale. We were the first company to build a product like this for SharePoint and the demand and success of such a product has led to over a hundred other companies to follow suit. (We’re still number 1, of course).

As Office 365 has developed, we have continued to update and expand our product to fill in the gaps Microsoft has left. Our product now expands across the ‘Classic’ and ‘Modern’ SharePoint platforms and works in sync with Teams. Just as we did in 2007, we work with our clients to bridge the gap between Microsoft and the real world.

If you’d like to have a deeper look into our product approach, check out the EasyShare website.

Office 365 Consultancy

Our technical consultants have a deep understanding of implementing a successful Office 365 workplace. So whether you’re struggling with user adoption or would like some help with your information architecture (IA), our SharePoint experts can give you the helping hand you need.

For our full list of our consultancy services, see here.


Any one of these approaches could be the solution to your Office 365 dilemma. It’s about finding the solution that works for you. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about which option could work for you, get in touch today.

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