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Migration can be rather a woolly subject in the early stages of a project as it can be difficult to determine just how much content needs to move.

Intranets / Document migration


A light content audit may suggest a strong requirement for a 3rd-party migration tool if there are a lot of documents or lists.


Our approach in general is to ensure that migration is split into three main streams:


  • Investigation: including content inventory, content analysis and content mapping. This would be a fixed cost ‘mini-project’ to prepare a guideline document and a detailed and costed plan for the actual migration. 

  • Preparation for migration: planning the phases, communications to users, installing tools, application migration and running test migrations - all based on the guideline document.

  • Migration: For each migration phase, a launch plan is recommended. This involves communication to all users, full back-up of all environments affected, the actual migration, post-migration reports, spot checks and the opportunity for content owners to review and sign off their areas.

SharePoint Migration

If a migration tool is required for a SharePoint project, we have experience with both Metalogix and ShareGate.


We also have extensive experience of managing data migration – especially in the case of SharePoint to SharePoint migration with flagship projects such as the BBC Gateway Intranet. 

Web Migration


We have experience in both Umbraco and Sitecore migrations. We can help you to migrate the content from your old site to the new one with no content freeze period.

Our approach to migration is as follows:

  • Undertake a thorough assessment of what is required to be delivered and method of delivery.

  • Provide an estimate and place project contingency.

  • Produce a plan that ensured the estimate could be delivered to in terms of time, resource and budget.

  • Undertake the activity and monitor it closely, providing detail on effort being spent weekly.

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