When digital technology is so central to how we live, there is no excuse for an outdated and poorly functioning intranet. Outside of the 9 to 5 we are used to being able to share images and videos, plan events, message instantly and solve all manner of problems at the tap of a button or screen. Why shouldn’t we expect the same in our workplace?

How to keep up: invest

It’s true that digital technology has evolved at a rapid rate in recent years, and will no doubt continue at the same pace. So the business that invests in new technology, will reap the rewards. When the next amazing tool becomes available, you will be poised to exploit its benefits and so will your staff. In the ‘real world’ many of us seize on the latest new gadgets as soon as they become available, we are all becoming more and more digitally savvy. Invest in digital and your staff will intuitively deliver the benefits for you.

Use a platform you know

SharePoint is one of the most widely used platforms in the marketplace. Originally launched in 2001, its developers have been continually honing its usability and flexing its capabilities ever since. Using SharePoint 2013 or Sharepoint Online as your platform, you can leverage endless possibilities, from tagging and searchable content to mobile and tablet support, including social networking and location based services. If you already use SharePoint, you can make use of a product like EasyShare, which accelerates your intranet implementation with a good-looking, branded site with working ‘bells and whistles’ like Yammer integration, delivered in hours not weeks.

Why it’s worth it

  • It will improve internal communications – and your profits

With tools like Yammer integrated, you can have a broader view of internal discussions. This makes it easier to spot where opportunities are being missed, where you can cross-sell, where you can upsell and where you can speed processes up. All of which has a knock on effect on your revenues.

  • It will make your whole business run more efficiently

The ability to tag and use metadata along with big advances in making files and people searchable will improve operational efficiency. In short, things can be found more quickly, which reduces your costs.

  • It will make your staff happier and more engaged

From the moment we wake to the moment we go to bed, we use our smartphones – from setting alarms and replying to emails to working out our best route home. It’s all so easy. When we don’t have the same smooth experience in our workplace, it’s frustrating. We are all more impatient with IT than we used to be because digital is so ingrained in our lives outside of work. But when we have a good experience, we become more engaged and view our workplace more positively. And when people are happy, staff turnover falls – saving you money on recruitment, administration and training.

  • It will increase productivity by saving your staff time

Better IT saves your people time. Imagine if 20% of your workforce saved 5 minutes per day searching for things? With a workforce of 2,500 that’s a saving of 10,842 hours per year. An upgraded intranet makes daily tasks substantially quicker and easier.

What next?

Intranets have come a long way since the glorified notice boards of the 1990s. They can now be flexible, dynamic and a pleasure to use. Intranets don’t have to be ‘owned’ by IT but are built by Comms teams around everyone’s everyday working needs. Intranets are now a ‘live’ channel for your staff to tune into, whether it’s an ‘ask me anything’ session with the CEO or the latest updates on the tube strikes. Emails ‘To All’ should be a thing of the past. The best intranets can boost staff morale and loyalty, increase productivity, and save your business money.

So give us call and let us get you as excited about your new intranet as we are – we’ve got 15 years’ experience as intranet experts ready to share with you!