At Clerkswell, we tackle all our client projects with a resolve to determine the right solutions to solve their problems. We work to establish the best web technology fit – whether it be Umbraco or Sitecore – and then strive to ensure that all the pieces of your digital marketing strategy slot together. An important piece in the puzzle is search engine optimization (SEO) with the objective of moving your website’s search results up to the first page or 1st place of search engine results.

Are you – and your website – ready for an SEO campaign?
Dedicating time and money into an SEO campaign that directs your customers to an out-of-date or unimpressive website won’t advance to your marketing aspirations. Furthermore, visiting your website based on a search result is just one touch point, so we don’t advocate starting a SEO campaign without being entirely convinced that your website isn’t just pretty but it can to take your visitors beyond the cusp of conversion.
When we work with our clients to generate digital marketing campaigns, we work meticulously with them to advocate the full customer experience, ensuring everything step on their journey works from the very first contact to ultimate conversion.

Have you got the time – and resource – to back up your strategy?
Consistently producing content that is of high value and on message can be a burden on your marketing team. Make sure that you have the tools and the time to ensure that you can devolve responsibility outside your team when you need to. Work out a calendar of content and make sure it’s realistic and there are no bottlenecks on getting the freshest material out.

Have you got the forbearance for a long-term strategy?
It can be hard to see and measure the impact of SEO for a while. You’ll need patience and consistency if you want it to really pay off. You’ll have to do some schooling of your colleagues as well. There aren’t shortcuts to building a brand through digital content marketing but the good news is that the rewards really are measurable. So, make sure your website provides the tools that make it simple for you to prove ROI when the moaning starts.

If it’s time to plan your digital strategy, talk to us about how our clients use our tools and guidelines to improve key terms, systematically curate content, and take advantage of each on-page optimization opportunity at your disposal.

Talk to us about our recent work with Smart Energy GB and the award-winning solution we tailored for them.