Think you can't get an intranet by Christmas? Then think again!

Think you can’t get an intranet by Christmas? Then think again!


A new intranet giving you nightmares?

A new intranet sounds like a big, daunting project. It’s why we frequently get told “come back to us in six months” – companies tend to think in six to nine month cycles and it’s assumed that a new intranet would take at least that amount of time, and a big pool of resources. And it’s why a new intranet is too often on the ‘nice to have’ list rather than the ‘essential’ list. Granted, if you want a completely bespoke intranet, you will have the bite the bullet. Bespoke intranets call for a huge amount of engagement with the client during the development cycle, and more time and money to manage third party suppliers. But what’s the alternative?


The EasyShare Approach

EasyShare is a set of configurable and brandable SharePoint templates, with versions for both Cloud and on-premises SharePoint. And it’s your ticket to a fully-functional, great looking intranet that offers fantastic user experience in double quick time. You can trust this approach because the templates were developed from over 25 intranet projects during the last five years – and it has been rigorously user-tested. What’s more, it’s a doddle to use, extendible and robust. But the proof is in the pudding – it’s already been implemented by many government and financial institutions.

Take, for example, our client Pantheon. We met all their requirements – from custom news features through to discussions, team sites and enhanced content search – and delivered the experience across desktop, tablet and smartphone on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry, within weeks.


What can you expect?

If you like the sound of a new intranet in time for Christmas, and delivered for under £10,000 (plus license fees), here’s what you can expect from the process. Firstly, it has to be SharePoint and EasyShare online, and we’ll need to really understand your infrastructure and integration needs. Having said that, because 90% of intranet requirements are fairly universal, we’re more than confident that EasyShare will tick all your boxes.

Then we’ll hold a workshop with a few users and administrators to get us going, do some light branding, install everything and train everyone who needs to be trained in 2-4 weeks. Simple as that – and you can take a new intranet off your wish list.

So if the thought of taking on a new intranet this year made you feel like going into hibernation, give us a call. We might even be able to get you up and running before the mince pies hit the shelves and the John Lewis ad airs.


About ClerksWell

ClerksWell has been delivering intranets on SharePoint for 15 years. Based in the City of London, our team of user experience designers and SharePoint developers has developed over 75 intranets for clients such as Dentsu Aegis, CIPD, BBC and Pantheon Insurance.

Think you can't get an intranet by Christmas? Then think again!

Think you can’t get an intranet by Christmas? Then think again!