How to manage your team with Microsoft Teams


We’re very excited to announce that we’re hosting a webinar on Microsoft Teams! The webinar will take place on the 13th of February at 11 am. Join us to find out what Microsoft Teams can offer to you and your company. Discover the possibilities of Teams and how it can help you to perform better and faster.


What is Microsoft Teams?


Teams is that little purple app that’s been popping up everywhere. The appropriately named Teams app is the hub for team collaboration and communication in Office 365. It allows teams to connect across the organisation, sharing documents, ideas and setting up meetings.

Understandably, it’s growing hugely in popularity. But there’s some confusion around how best to use it in the workplace and that’s where we come in!


What will the webinar discuss?


In just 30 minutes, we’ll explain how Teams fits into the Office 365 suite and what the best practices are for using the app.

We’ll then guide you through how to use Teams to manage a project, pulling in all the different apps, channels and streams so you get a real idea of how Teams could work for your business.


For those of you already using Office 365, this is the ideal opportunity to learn how to employ Teams to reach your goals.

So come, enjoy the webinar, then contact ClerksWell to discuss your move to Microsoft Teams and how we can help.