Today ClerksWell presented a breakfast briefing at Heron Tower all about the future of SharePoint. Carlos Oliveira, ClerksWell’s Chief Technology Officer presented the evolution of SharePoint through each version, highlighting the key technical challenges faced with SharePoint platform upgrades. A summary of each version was presented to the audience. The session then focused on the benefits and drawbacks of Sharepoint online and provided an overview of the new features announced for SharePoint 2016. This was then followed up by a quick discussion about the compatibility of existing on premise developments and how they can be migrated into the cloud.

Ed Lloyd-Williams, ClerksWell’s Creative and UX Director also presented a case study, showing how the SharePoint user experience can be extended beyond an out of the box design to new and exciting user interfaces. We also heard from our client Philip Broadbery CIO at PFK International. He explained their strategies for leveraging their SharePoint investments across SharePoint online and SharePoint on premise.

The briefing was aimed at anyone who is looking to get the most out of their SharePoint investment, considering a SharePoint upgrade or looking to plan out their SharePoint roadmap. Communication Directors, Technical Directors, Chief Information Officers, Intranet Owners all attended. It was a great success and hope to have another one soon. Sign up to our newsletter to find out more.