Ecommerce website on Sitecore with Sitecore Commerce Server

ClerksWell want to enable businesses to gain customers for life. Sitecore’s ecommerce website solution offers functionality for each of the sales stages. This will enable businesses to gain these lifetime customers.
Sitecore maintains an up-to-date profile for each unique customer based on their interactions with the brand across multiple channels. From direct mail to web, email, and social media, the commerce experience is comprised of interactions across every channel.
Ecommerce websites on Sitecore, what they have that others do not:

  1. Enterprise level ecommerce website solutions. Product information and inventory management customised cart, checkout, and account creation and integration with multiple back-office systems.
  2. Up-selling and cross-selling has never been easier, with Sitecore’s website personalisation you can predict content the customer wants to see next and deliver it to them.
  3. Boosts in-store purchases with location based targeting – it is now possible to send offers to someone’s device based on their proximity to the store.
  4. Truly connected experience across social networks which makes use of user generated content
  5. Identify and optimise the paths to purchase and trouble shoot shopping cart abandonment with Sitecore’s analytics.

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