What is it about?

We offer a full range of intranet products across SharePoint 2010, 2013 and Office 365/SharePoint Online. EasyShare products integrate with Microsoft Lync, Yammer & Outlook.

What is EasyShare?

EasyShare is a set of more than 40 branded features and templates that extend SharePoint, designed to make using and administrating SharePoint easy. EasyShare is designed to be easily configurable and extensible so that  any required custom features can be easily integrated to meet the unique requirements of your organisation,

How did it come about?

After reviewing 25 separate SharePoint intranet solutions that we had built over the years, a large team of designers, developers and business analysts identified common functions and features that were most frequently requested by our clients. That formed the first instance of EasyShare. From that success, and since November 2013 EasyShare become it’s own company; EasySharePoint. They offer products across SharePoint 2013 and Online. They also offer a fully formed and mature roadmap of development and design.

How will this benefit me?

As EasyShare’s features and templates cover around 90% of most intranets’ requirements, our definition phase is made up of defining an information architecture and specific road-map rather than lengthy and costly feature definition and technical discovery. This allows you to think about your content and concentrate on employee engagement and training that will contribute to user adoption. Overall you get a live product as soon as you want, as EasyShare can be installed in less than a day.

Why EasyShare?

EasyShare has taken the pain out of developing a SharePoint intranet. A bespoke solution can be a real headache for teams because the quality of the solution is dependent on the client’s ability to articulate their requirements. EasyShare is a concentration of best practice, user experience and development, the foundations of which have been accumulated over 14 years of building custom SharePoint-based intranets.

What size business is EasyShare best suited to?

EasySharePoint’s largest client currently has 37,000 employees and the smallest 200 employees. EasyShare solutions are ideal for organisations that require a best-of-breed communication, collaboration and social tool that works across a range of devices. Our clients also cut across a range of sectors: media, local authority, central government, legal, finance and technology.

Surely custom is best if you can afford it?

It is a myth that a custom approach will provide a business with exactly what they want, often the end result of a custom build is both over-engineered and sparse as some functional areas are over-complicated whilst others are missed during the specification stage. In 14 years of building SharePoint based intranets we have come to learn that 90% of what most clients want is the same – regardless of sector. EasyShare solutions are extendable so that any SharePoint developer can customise those features which are truly unique to the way a client runs their business. 

A bespoke SharePoint project can have a number of problems including development taking much longer than anticipated, cost escalating well over budget and features being de-scoped. With a long development time, the focus on launch planning can get lost, making adoption difficult. Often bespoke features are created that suit the needs of a limited number of people involved in the planning process, which can lead to confusion within the organisation.

EasyShare features have been proven to be attractive, interesting and useful. The proof can be found with our list of happy EasyShare customers who make very few enhancements of their own – most opt to make none at all. EasyShare is very flexible and will fit with your own structure. Our branding options mean EasyShare can quickly look like it was custom built for your organisation.

What is the cost?
The cost is based on the number of employees. Call us to find out more or email easysharesales@clerkswell.com.
Can EasyShare work on other devices other than my office desktop?

EasyShare can be used on mobile and tablet devices anywhere – iPhone, iPad, Android, Surface and Blackberry are all fully compatible – as well as many more. EasyShare recognises the way you work and gives you what you need anywhere and anytime.

I am upgrading to SharePoint 2013/Office 365 can EasyShare still work for me?
Absolutely, EasyShare 2013 works with SharePoint 2013 and we have EasyShare Online for Office 365.
How do I make sure that my intranet is used properly by everyone?
Good change management is vital to the successful launch of any new development within an organisation. We can offer you consultancy around adoption, training and support every step of the way to make sure EasyShare flourishes in your organisation.
What are the most important factors for successful intranet adoption?
1) Plan around meeting your business objectives rather than ‘building an intranet’. It will keep your project focused on delivering value to the business.


2) Think of the project as being far bigger than simply design and build – because it is. Do not forget about governance, content planning, change management, training and launch and roll-out planning, which are all the things that actually determine whether or not your project will be a success. The people-based activities are more important than the technology. Your advantage in choosing EasyShare is that the design and build time is minimised, giving you more energy to focus on helping people to understand and use the site effectively.

3) On-going metrics reviews and iterative enhancements will keep your site fresh and in step with what is going on. Without continuous review, your site will become out of date and end up yet another system that the business does not use.

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