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View some screen shots of the design. See what EasyShare looks like and find out what is possible beyond out of the box SharePoint features.

Desktop main navigation

With EasyShare it is possible to configure a ‘master’ navigation to be used across the site. The global navigation is the menu that runs across the top of your pages, and is the primary means of navigating around your site. Clicking an item in the top navigation produces a fly-out menu showing sub sections. The global navigation can be edited by the site administrator allowing navigational structure to represent the organisation and not the back-end site structure. With EasyShare’s navigation it is possible to go beyond the out of the box SharePoint features.

EasyShare Mysite

Mysites is the social area of EasyShare and SharePoint, providing a social stream of content that users have chosen to share and follow. It also acts as the personal file repository, users can upload, edit, create and maintain a documents and a blog. By default, we focus on the newsfeed stream which draws users into the content of the site area. It has a consistent look and feel which runs through the entire site. EasyShare web parts can be added to Mysite such as the Who’s who web part.

Calendar module

The upcoming events calendar web part presents a combination of a calendar indicating when events are happening and a list of events in chronological order, nearest date first. The calendar pulls the information from a SharePoint calendar list.

EasyShare Teamsite

Team sites provide various tools for working in a team environment. EasyShare team sites have been given a make-over so that they are now branded consistently with the whole intranet, going beyond the out of the box SharePoint wiki page team site definition. Exciting features include instant site search which provides instant feedback based on content being found containing a particular keyword. We have also built a tasks round-up web part which provides an overview and short cut to the tasks list. A who’s who web part brings in team members so users can see at a glance who to approach on key issues.

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