Sitecore’s event- SUGCON Europe 2017, took place in Amsterdam this year. So off we went! The two days were packed with very interesting talks, personalities and surprises. Strongly community driven and full of skillful Sitecore brains. The two days provided opportunities for learning, networking and sharing knowledge.
Although favourites were quite hard to pick, here is a short summary of some of our favourite talks:

Day 1

A futuristic showcase of the omni-channel capabilities of Sitecore XP – Bas Lijten & Rob Habraken

In a quest to further prove Sitecore’s Omni-Channel capabilities, Lijten and Habraken’s opening session showed a robot which interacts with us and gives personalised answers based on experience analytics data. A surprising way of showing that Sitecore XP goes way beyond the web channel.

Data mining, prediction and machine learning with xDB – Amanda Shiga

Amanda shared an insightful methods and results of her team’s program with the University of Toronto. A real-life example of data-mining and machine learning being used to deeper understand xDB audience behaviour and engagement.

Master personalisation and Integration – David Walker

David showed interesting possibilities for integrating a multitude of frameworks and services with Sitecore experience, particularly with the digital marketing side. All of that while wearing a red shinny cape.

Sitecore xDB in-depth: Harnessing contacts, sessions & clusters – Dmytro Shevchenko

A deep technical explanation about the platform xDB implementation of concurrency control with internal insights on how the contact and session APIs work. Essential knowledge for deploying and scaling global marketing solutions. One developers should definitely not miss!

Day 2

Using Sitecore’s API to expand EXM Analytics tracking with xDB – Eduardo Moraes

A case-study like presentation of how the email experience manager can be customised and extended with tips on what to look for when deploying and planning for scaling.

Sitecore on Microsoft Azure PaaS – Christof Claessens

A very captivating session on how to make the most of Sitecore on an Azure PaaS environment. An on-prem vs cloud architecture comparison, topologies, deployment, customisation, CI, monitoring and a few things aligned on the roadmap but without too many spoilers.

Tooling for helix – with docker focus – Thomas Stern, Emil Klein

Two demos on how current standard technologies can fit and support the Helix architecture. Emil showed how to speed up the development setup using Yeoman while Thomas showed how to utilise Docker containers for a test setup.

Sitecore and ReactJS – Richard Seal

All seats were taken to see Richard present his marketplace module that allows Front-end and back-end developers to work independently, leaving both to do what they enjoy the most.

Sitecore MVC – A developer’s journey – Christian James Hansen

Christian showed us his light-weight framework – propeller.mvc – which intends to bring back the static object model to Sitecore’s MVC and facilitate accessing data on complex field types as well as traversing the Sitecore tree.

Sitecore and JavaScript – finally in love! – Alex Shyba, Adam Weber

A very cheerful and surprising talk which showed us the possibility of building fully-fledged apps in JavaScript using Sitecore for back-end purposes. There were t-shirts flying around and a few other surprises.

To the Dutch and Nordic Sitecore User Groups, thank you for organising the event.

Blog post by Pedro Cristo da Fonseca