Umbraco Codegarden 2024 Online

Read about our experiences watching Codegarden 2024 online from Goa.

Umbraco Codegarden 2024 Online

As Codegarden 2024 was in full swing, a member of our team in Goa, India tuned in online to make the most of the insights brought from a plethora of guest speakers at the festival. Hence, he was able to experience the joys of the festival without having to travel to Denmark – a huge thanks to Umbraco for making this possible. Umbraco unveiled many new features to their CMS; our key highlights are discussed below.

The most exciting insight was new information about how AI can be applied to the Umbraco system, leading to greater usability for editors and content developers. The addition of a generative AI chatbot in the Umbraco back-office seemed like a promising development for our team as well, to improve content creation and editing. Along with this, Umbraco revealed a new system of block code transfer across CMSs using word documents, removing the onerous task of rewriting the block code altogether into the Umbraco system. These encouraging developments have sparked much interest from the rest of our Goa team, who are eager to get into these features once they are rolled out.

What was also clear at Codegarden 2024 was the increase in environmental awareness and Umbraco’s aims of increasing the environmental awareness of their product. Umbraco’s aims of adding analytics to their back-office system allowing companies and businesses to display, for instance, the sustainability of their websites will be incredibly useful. In a time when environmental concerns are growing, our Goa team are encouraged by Umbraco further aligning their services with the increasing need to consider the climate.

Amongst the other new features discussed were additional load balancing in Umbraco Cloud and a dedicated SQL server, collaborative editing within the back-office and configurable caching (to name a few!). Overall, it is safe to say that Codegarden 2024 online was an insightful and encouraging event, and even despite the distance, it was great to still be able to participate in the numerous talks put on by Umbraco in Denmark.

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