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Mobile devices are set to be used more than desktops by 2015. Between 2010 and 2012 mobile search grew by 500% and Smart Phone use had tripled at the last count.*

Businesses are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of having a mobile strategy, a way to engage with their customers anytime anywhere. Browsing the web on a smart phone or tablet is becoming increasingly popular and there seems to be no sign of this ending anytime soon.
If you have a mobile strategy then you must learn more about how Sitecore for Mobile can make it a reality. Sitecore are absolutely the best at bringing a fast and user friendly web experience to your customer and here is why.

Sitecore’s Mobile Device Detector

It is very hard for business strategies for mobile to keep up with the new releases and developments happening within mobile technology. What if the plans for your mobile site are rendered obsolete when the latest gadget with a screen resolution you have never heard of and an untypical screen size comes along? Sitecore’s Mobile Device Detector means this is never a problem. It immediately detects not only the model of the mobile device but everything about it, the manufacturer, the screen resolution, and what version of what software it is running. The site will then adapt accordingly and quickly.

Many businesses think that it is enough to have responsive design which basically means that the site responds to changes in the end user’s browser resolution. Typically the process involved with responsive design means that the mobile device is still downloading everything just not showing it. This improves the user experience to a limited extent. The experience will still be slow.

Responsive design means that data is downloaded, slowing the experience down and data is then hidden even if it is relevant and necessary to whatever the customer is looking at on your site. With Sitecore for Mobile the content editor has the power and if something is relevant then it will be reformatted and the data downloaded. This means that Sitecore for Mobile gives you improved functionality and end user experience, informing your customers fast.

* See Econsultancy for the full findings  

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